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Introduction and Design of Stage Mechanical Scheme
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Abstract: The paper makes introduction to the plan of stage machinery for Huzhou Grand theater including the over-stage machinery and understage machinery

Keywords: grand theater grand theater

    Platform machinery overstage machinery

Understand machinery


    Huzhou is located in the northern part of Zhejiang Province, the coast of Taihu Lake, known as the silk house, fish and rice town, cultural relics of the state. "The earliest discovered Qian Shan Yang ruins unearthed silk fabric, dating back to 4700 years history, Crown the world ". The building of the Huzhou Grand Theater absorbs the natural elements of silk and Taihu, with beautiful curves as the characteristic form of language, and the shape of a beautiful butterfly is broken out of the cocoon, which means the art of breakthrough and sublimation.

    Zhejiang University Architectural Design and Research Institute is the project of the civil design unit, the stage system of professional design commissioned to undertake a number of well-known domestic theater such as Wuhan Chitai Theater, Hangzhou Grand Theater) design, consultants and other work of the Zhejiang Institute of Design Company to implement.

    Huzhou Grand Theater of the stage mechanical program, including stage stage mechanical system and stage stage mechanical system two parts. Which stage stage mechanical system includes 47 single-layer winding electric boom machine, 6 hanging point movable single point crane, 10 sets of side light cage, Taiwan fire screen, curtain machine, fake mouth, two Curtain machine, acoustic reflector system, after the stage fire insulation screen, after the stage boom machine, the side of the Taiwan and the installation of vehicles and other equipment. The platform machinery and equipment, including the lift music pool, music tank lift railings, three sets of main lift, two sets of side of the car, four sets of platform compensation Taiwan, four sets of auxiliary lift platform, a set of vehicle turntable, eight auxiliary lift. Platform stage stage mechanical control system using WINDOS operation interface of the industrial computer system. The computer system can preset and memorize the device running position, speed and other parameters, real-time display running status, and an emergency stop button.

   "Huzhou Grand Theater stage mechanical system design program" submitted to Party A Huzhou Zhongxing company later, Qu Linhai, general manager of the Huzhou City Cultural Affairs Bureau invited the leadership of a number of well-known experts on the Zhejiang Institute of Design and Design Co., Ltd. demonstration. The expert group has fully recognized the program as a whole. On the basis of expert demonstration and recognition, Party A requests to enter the stage of the implementation of the stage mechanical system design.

    The following combination of stage mechanical program, introduced the Huzhou Grand Theater stage of the implementation of the stage with the design process. Details can be divided into the platform with the mechanical design and equipment design, in accordance with the top to bottom, from the inside to the outside, from front to back in the order, hierarchical, sub-items to be explained.

    The bridge with the design of the main stage of the double staircase design, three-layer flyover design, two-story flyover design, a layer of flyover design, the side of the roof overcast design, after the stage single-layer gate design, After the stage flyover design, projection platform design, the main stage on both sides of the wall embedded design, Taiwan fire curtains embedded design, after the stage fire insulation screen embedded design, the stage mechanical control cabinet room, stage mechanical control room 13 Item to explain.

    The main stage of the grid with double grid top structure. The double gating structure is divided into the upper gate and the lower roof structure. The upper surface of the main roof to provide a single layer winding hoisting machine, Taiwan fire screen, fake mouth, 1 and 2 vertical lift flip acoustic reflector, vertical lifting acoustic reflector, after the stage fire insulation screen equipment such as corner wheel, Hanging wheel, the corresponding traction drive, the corresponding weight of the corner wheel, such as installation and load-bearing. It has two spare beams, two corner beams, six hanging beam and the following H-shaped steel bearing beam. The upper grid does not need to lay the grille. The lower grid is mainly used as a 47-channel single-layer winding hoist, six lifting points can be moved to a single point of the crane and the staff of the equipment maintenance, installation platform. It has a grid plate, grille installation beam, equipment installation platform and the following H-shaped steel bearing beam. The grille of the lower grid is covered with a floor so that it can be used as a channel for the staff and as a mounting platform for the steering wheel and the hanging wheel of the movable point. Through this platform, according to the performance needs of the single point of the crane hanging wheel installed in accordance with the performance needs of the main stage of any position, multiple sets of single-point crane in the computer under the unified control can be grouped synchronous operation, to the special scene Speed operation, greatly enriched the performance of 20 performances. It is precisely because of this, the completion of the Shanghai Grand Theater, Hangzhou Grand Theater, under construction in the National Grand Theater, Wuhan Qintai Theater are double grid top structure.

    The three-storey flyover is mainly used as the suspension platform for 10 sets of side light cages and the starting position of the steel ladder that communicates with the grid top. In the three-story flyover on each side of the lower side are set up two rails, each side for 5 sets of side light cage in the direction of the bridge along the direction of the translation, it can also be up and down movements. The light hamlet mainly provides the side light for any position of the performance. Three-story flyover is 2.5 meters wide.

    Two-story flyover with three-story flyover compared to a narrow one meter, 1.5 meters wide. This is done mainly for the mobile side of the light cage to provide space for activities. On the mouth side of the play, it is still the position of the stage mechanical control room. Stage mechanical control room for the closed structure, in front of a glass window can be overlooking the entire stage, while there are monitoring system, scheduling system, computer control system. They can simultaneously coordinate a variety of stage machinery and equipment in accordance with the needs of live performances, safe and coordinated operation.

    A layer of bridge with the two-story flyover is equal to 1.5 meters. This also provides an active space for moving side light cages. A layer of flyover is also a passageway into the fake port and the aisle behind the stage bridge. Its elevation is also determined with the main stage on both sides of the air conditioning pipeline. A layer of flyover below the installation of air conditioning ventilation pipes, air conditioning, the lower end of the air outlet with the height of the same height, so that the outlet will not affect the smooth appearance of the side of the scene.

    In the side of the station, each side of the layout of the LX-type electric single-beam suspension crane as a stage driving road traffic. As the program in the walking beam span of 24 meters, more than the current domestic commonly used beam of 19 meters span limit. In the specific consultation with the successful implementation of the case of Hangzhou lifting equipment factory comrades, decided to use four sets of walking wheel at the same time driving a 24-meter walking beam of the program. The actual effective span of the walking beam after this treatment is reduced to 8 meters, much less than 19 meters. The height of the walking steel girder has a large decline, while reducing the side of the building of the net high, thereby reducing the cost of civil construction.

    Economical design method of single - layer grid roof with rear stage grid. As the number of rear stage boom machine equipment, usually less to participate in the performance, so the use of economic structure. After the stage roof steel structure weight of 85kg / m2, much smaller than the main stage 135kg / m2. Rear stage gate

The top is mainly provided after the rear stage boom of the corner pulley, hanging point pulley installation and load. It consists of two corner beams, six hanging point beam, full of square tube and the following channel bearing beam. Full of square tube also as maintenance personnel maintenance, installation platform. Through the steel ladder with the stage after the bridge connected. As the huzhou Grand Theater after the stage space is limited, the hanger equipment can not be placed in the rear stage area, can only be placed outside the wall. The use of this method is conducive to the boom machine equipment itself noise reduction. Across a wall can be effective in the boom machine motor, reducer to run the noise barrier.


    After the stage flyover is set on the outside of the wall, the rear stage after the flyover is set in the rear stage. After the stage hanger placed on the rear stage flyover. After the stage bridge with the main stage of a layer of flyover and other elevation, you can connect with each other.

    In the post-stage after the bridge set up a projection platform, 1.5 meters wide. It is mainly used for Pani lights, projectors and other equipment for the special sky to provide static, dynamic large background.

    The main stage on both sides of the main wall of the main equipment to set the weight of the box. In the side of the wall, the layout of the mouth of the fire curtain on the right side of the weight of the box rail, counterfeit port weight frame guide, the first vertical flip acoustic reflector plate weight rail; Mouth of the fire curtain on the left side of the weight frame guide, the second vertical flip acoustic reflector plate weight rail, vertical acoustic reflector plate weight rail. In the corresponding location of the lower gate, three-day flyover, two-story flyover are required to reserve the weight of the hole through the hole and set the railing, in a layer of the corresponding location of the bridge only need to set the weight railings can be.

    The lifting rail of the Taiwan fire curtain is installed on both sides of the platform on both sides of the platform, near the main stage side position. The upper part of the sand groove seal groove embedded parts made in the mouth of the beam, the left and right weight box rails are distributed in the main stage on both sides of the wall.

    After the stage fire safety curtains to enhance the guide rails installed in the main stage after the bridge on both sides of the Taiwan side of the column position. The upper part of the sand groove sealing groove embedded parts made in the mouth of the beam, the left and right weight box rails are distributed in the outer side of the lifting guide on the continuous wall. In the layers of the bridge are open 0.4 meters wide reserved space for the stage after the fire curtains and the noise around the framework of the passage.

    The number of mechanical control cabinet on the platform, bulky, heavy weight is also large, need to provide a single room. At the top of the mouth of the mouth of the mouth above the room, with the three-tier flyover and other elevation to build a room of about 62 square meters as a stage mechanical control cabinet room. It is away from the stage of mechanical equipment near and do not take up the location of other equipment, access to convenient, is a more ideal stage mechanical control cabinet room. It is connected with the stage mechanical control room through a control signal line, which can greatly reduce the length of the three-phase power line and the laying of the cable tray.

    The platform with the design sub-car turntable walking beam embedded, -0.6 m elevation platform, -3.5 m elevation platform, -9.0 m elevation platform, after the car turntable walking beam column embedded, foundation pit side wall embedded, Pit embedded in 7 parts to be explained.

    The cross section of the walking beam of the rear vehicle turntable is 400mm (width) × 1200mm (high), and the upper end of the beam is set with 400mm × 300mm × 10mm embedded iron plate. The embedded iron plate mainly provides the welding platform for the walking rails, and the running rail of the rear turntable is 7.0 t / m load-bearing platform. After the car turntable walking beam of the upper end of the elevation of 0.0 meters, 1 meter from the stage table; the lower end of the distance of -3.5 meters high cast channel 2.3 meters high.

    It should be noted that in this program, after the car turntable with both ends of the load-bearing drive program rather than the use of thin car turntable program. The advantage of the thin car turntable is that there is no rear vehicle turntable walking beam, which can effectively improve the elevation of the lower actors channel. When the thin car turntable moves to the main stage, three main elevators are required to run to the auxiliary lift elevation and to lock, providing a plurality of sets of walking wheels for the thin car turntable. Therefore, the disadvantage of this program is that if the main lift can not be normal operation, thin car turntable can not be used; when the use of thin car turntable when the main lift can not exercise, can not be installed at the same time affect the use of stage equipment efficiency.

    -0.6 m elevation platform is the side platform, side platform compensation platform, side auxiliary lift platform installation platform. Using a common design method to facilitate the manufacturers to use their own stage mechanical program to implement, in the design of the reserved 1.6 m clearance height and uniform placement of embedded iron laying methods available to the various equipment suppliers.

    -3.5 m elevation platform is the actor on the main stage of the lift platform platform, the middle 19.2 m × 11 m is the main lift the stage of the reserved space on both sides of each side of the 5 3.3 m × 1.5 m hole is the main lift stage weight Box through the hole, the former area there are 1.4 meters wide performance track channel; in the rear stage area is the auxiliary lift installation space, both sides of the space is the equipment maintenance channel.

    -9.0 meters platform is the main lift platform equipment installation platform and the right and left sides of the weight of the installation platform. The region is subject to tremendous force and requires the Architectural Design Institute to strengthen the vertical load capacity of the foundation pit. The front of the area is also the stage of the mechanical control cabinet room.

    The rear side of the main vehicle is also required to be embedded in the side of the main lift side. It mainly provides lateral stabilization for the main column of the main lift platform, while offsetting the partial lateral force generated by the movement of the main lift.

    The embedded part of the main wall of the foundation pit mainly provides the lateral stabilization of the vertical column of the left and right weight frame of the main lift platform, and the part of the right and left weight frame of the main lift is moved up and down from -9.0 m to -0.8 m lateral force.

    The lifting pit foundation pit is embedded in accordance with the scissors support structure, and the embedded iron is also set according to the general mode.

    The above is the design of Huzhou Grand Theater mechanical design with the guiding ideology and some specific practices.

    After the completion of the Huzhou Grand Theater has 1341 seats, it is in accordance with the "product" shape song and dance theater mode configuration of the stage equipment is rich in function, fully able to accept domestic and foreign large and medium-sized various types of performing groups for opera, opera, concerts, large-scale party , Drama and other performances. It is the city government to create a cultural city of the specific embodiment of the target, Zhejiang Province is a new first-class cultural venues. It will become Huzhou City, after the completion of the important cultural landmarks, as the public favorite high-grade cultural activities of the place.

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