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Research on Siemens PLC Stage Mechanical Equipment
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Wang Wenyan

Abstract: This paper discusses the application of Siemens S7 - 300 series programmable controller in the control system of stage machinery and equipment. It is proved that the PLC control system has the advantages of high control precision, good reliability and easy to use. It has been widely used in the stage machinery industry. application.

Key words: stage machinery; programmable controller; control system

CLC number: TP202 +. 1 Document code: A Article ID: 1007 - 4414 (2006) 05 - 0106 - 01

Investigation of control system for performing rural based on the S IEM ENS PLC

WangWen - yan (Machine factory, Gansu university of technology, Lanzhou Gansu 730050, China)

Abstract: The application of SIEMENS PLC S7 - 300 for performing equipments control system has been discussed in this paper. Practical buildings proved that this PLC system has high lever of control accuracy, good reliability and easy to operate. It has been widely used in the Stage industry

Key words: performance equipment; PLC; control system

1 Introduction

Stage machinery and equipment is a modern large-scale theaters, comprehensive multi-functional studio, conference halls and gymnasium and other venues are indispensable equipment, is used for stage performances, services in the performing arts and stage art of special machinery and equipment, so colorful literature and art Performance with a new, more perfect way of expression, which greatly enhance the performance of the performance and appeal, so that the performance of the special effects of surprise, much favored by the audience. Since the 20th century, the computer technology, information technology as the representative of the high-tech achievements continue to emerge, promote and promote the development of the mechanized stage. And the application of machine - electric - liquid technology, so that the stage machinery and equipment not only has a smooth operation, accurate positioning, synchronous operation of high precision, low noise characteristics, but also in the running speed, spatial location changes on the colorful, easy to operate, flexible Push, pull, rise, drop, turn a variety of functional combinations change more flexible and efficient, the formation of mechanical and artistic perfect unity.

The early stage mechanical equipment control system adopts relay and contactor control mode. Due to the large number of stage equipment, the number of control system components is very large, the wiring is also complicated, the circuit reliability is poor, the control system has high failure rate, difficult maintenance and difficult Accurate automatic positioning and management, to the normal performance of inconvenience. The use of PLC development stage boom control system, can fundamentally overcome these shortcomings. In the stage equipment control system, involving a large number of input and output variables of the logic management and control, the use of programmable controller has a unique advantage and excellent performance, can be more perfect to play the function of equipment to improve product quality and reduce internal friction, So that the stage control system work safety and reliability greatly improved. The stage control system can change the interlocking, interlocking and combating functions by modifying the PLC program, adjusting the control system control function and the process without changing any hardware and wiring, easy maintenance, safe and reliable, saving the cost, Better economic benefits. In addition the use of PLC with the communication function, the theater can be the whole stage of mechanical products to achieve computer network control to lay the foundation.

2 stage machinery and equipment

A relatively complete stage machinery and equipment should include two parts: 

① platform machinery: stepless speed hoop machine, wide screen frame, living fake mouth, light cage, electric boom, light boom, Machine, off two curtain, fire isolation screen.

② platform machinery: music pool lift, lift railings, mechanical lift, mechanical platform. The above is a complete set of stage mechanical equipment is an integral part.

3 Siemens PLC control system hardware components

Stage machinery and equipment in the performance of the stage occupies a very important position, so the stage machinery and equipment control system requires safe and reliable, high precision control, easy operation and so on. For the above stage mechanical equipment PLC control system, using Siemens S7 - 300 programmable controller, and through the Ethernet and the host computer associated with the control system structure shown in Figure 1.


The computer system consists of an upper host computer and a removable computer. The main control computer mainly provides the full-function control under normal circumstances, including the control of the single device, the equipment interlock, the equipment condition monitoring, the pre-selection equipment, the setting movement parameter, the group operation, the scene memory, the scene sequence, Diagnosis, etc .; mobile control station only to run the operation, the control authority by the host computer restrictions and locking, in order to fully protect the operation of the system security. Siemens man-machine interface with a touch screen, after programming can be configured in the computer system failure, maintenance or equipment to simplify control of the stage to undertake the operation and control of mechanical equipment and management, can provide the following functions: single device control, equipment interlock, equipment Status monitoring, pre-selection of equipment, setting of motion parameters, marshalling and so on.

The main station and the master station # 2 are composed of S7 - 300 modules, which include: CPU, power module, digital input / output module, analog input / output module and high - speed counting module.

4 system software design

The design of the control system of the whole stage machinery and equipment is completed according to the requirements of the group control equipment and the hardware and software environment of the computer. The main block diagram is shown in Fig.


For the convenience of users, the system uses the Chinese characters menu prompts, graphical button selection mode operator to complete the operation at the program prompts. Taking into account the actual work needs, the main program in the design of the menu has the following options: parameter settings, loading, simulation display, operation, help information, exit.

Operating environment: software development based on the appropriate, safe and reliable Windows computer operating system platform. Chinese for the operator"s interface and engineering configuration version, easy to use the operator.

5 concluding remarks

Based on the Siemens S7-300 programmable controller stage machinery and equipment control system, the stage stage equipment can be more than 40 road boom equipment and fire screen, fake mouth, wide screen, screen, two curtain, light cage And other equipment to coordinate control, while controlling the curtain, lift music, cars, lifts and other equipment under the stage. With dynamic screen display, easy to operate. Compared with the original stage mechanical control system, the control system has a good man-machine dialogue interface, display intuitive, high control precision, good reliability, easy to use and so on, and in the industry application has been widely used.


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