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Introduction to Students" Theater in North China
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Case | Nanjing Normal University, North China University of Danyang school opened

Nanjing Normal University North China College was established in 1999, in personnel training, scientific research and social services and other aspects of outstanding achievements, renowned at home and abroad. In order to meet the requirements of Jiangsu Province, long-term education reform and development planning, the school in 2015 to start the Danyang campus construction work. Danyang campus after the completion of complete infrastructure, teaching and research conditions are superior, is a set of wisdom, ecological, human culture, modernization in one of the university campus. Caramel Performing Arts The Danyang campus student theater includes an integrated solution including stage curtain system, stage mechanical system, stage lighting system, stage sound reinforcement system, stage video display system and so on.

Student theater as an important infrastructure of the college, shoulder the meaning and responsibility of academic exchanges, will be held in theatrical performances, lectures, conferences, forums and a series of activities.


Nanjing Normal University North Campus Danyang campus site is located in Danyang City Zhengde Road on the 8th, covering a total area of 900 acres, planning and construction of a total construction area of 387,500 square meters.



The student theater area of about 1200 square meters, height 14.6m, length 33.2m, width 36.2m; stage 36.2m wide proscenium stage width 12M, high 13.9m, high 6m stage. The student theater front is a proscenium stage, light machinery control room, waiting room is arranged on both sides of the stage. Functionally, the major demands are theatrical performances, conferences and lectures.

ABOUT stage machinery

1) the function of stage mechanical system after completion

Meeting the use needs of conferences and theatrical performances;

One of the important functions of stage machinery is to change scenery quickly and slow down the physical labor of stage workers;

The curtain can be switched by the drive system to achieve the exchange of scenes;

Stage machinery is the basis of stage craft system. It is a solid foundation for stage lighting, sound building, fire safety and sound insulation.

2) stage mechanical system configuration

Stage equipment selection, in order to meet the requirements of the premise, as far as possible to improve the performance price ratio. The design targets meet the standards and specifications currently implemented by the state, and the system performance has high reliability and high stability. The system is simple, easy to understand, easy to master, suitable for non professionals, real-time control operation.

Our system for stage machinery design for the student theater equipped with electric curtain cloth 10, electric lighting boom 7, electric light, electric side hanger 2 uniform expansion curtain 1, the opening of 2 uniform electric cloth and PLC stage mechanical control system etc..

3) the advanced nature of stage machinery

Modern multi-functional venues need to be equipped with high-performance stage machinery, and the performance of stage machinery directly reflects the overall level of the theater.

Gao Jingyin, high balance suspender machine

The electric suspender is the most important platform equipment, which is used frequently and directly participates in the performance. The electric suspender of student theatre is designed for the high silence and high reliability of student theatre. The core drive parts of the motor, reducer and so on are all mature, stable operation and reliable quality products.



Digital control system

The mechanical main control system adopts the computer control system, which is based on the mature programmable controller (PLC) and industrial field bus technology, and has the upper and lower structure. Programmable controller system all adopt advanced foreign brand products, all function modules can be hot plug, it is easy to maintain PLC system; operating system computer for all industrial products, to adapt to the harsh environment of the industrial field; the main control computer with redundant configuration, can guarantee the safety of continuous operation.

ABOUT stage curtain

As for the stage of picture frame, curtain is an indispensable device. It plays an important role in changing scenes, revealing the main body, rendering the atmosphere and improving the performance.

1) stage curtain system configuration

In this project, we provide a better quality suede curtain for student theatre. We configured before the curtain, the curtain opened on the eaves, a curtain to open two, cross screen, curtain and white canvas tent of meeting.

The curtain is clean and tidy, with fine stitching, uniform folding, good quality, natural and elegant color. All the screens are flame retardant and the curtain remains soft and visible, durable and durable under normal working conditions.

A full set of the system by the national fire equipment quality supervision and inspection center was in line with the "textile testing performance index GB/T 5454-1997 oxygen law" and "law" textile burning performance test of vertical GB/T 5455-1997 national standard.


ABOUT stage lights

Stage lighting is an important expression of stage art. People often say, "light is the soul of the stage"". Modern stage lighting is not simple lighting, by controlling the illumination area, light color, light and shade, can show the spatial dimension, time variation, creating a dynamic effect of natural light through the illusion, freehand teaser, light body, light activity, light and music with the art of expressing it can also create emotion. The design theme of stage lighting technology in this project is advanced, practical and economical.

1) the function of stage lighting system after completion

Meeting the needs of meetings (lectures, presentations, presentations, presentations);

Be able to satisfy the requirements of drama, variety, singing and dancing, etc.;

It can meet the requirements of live TV broadcast and program production;

Intelligent management of equipment operation reflects the characteristics of quick, low consumption and low cost.

2) stage lighting system configuration

The location of the stage lighting lighting array, each part of the stage of lighting, eliminate dead, flexible on-demand portfolio. In the selection of lamps, theater performances and conference functions are fully taken into account.

Light: 12 sets of intelligence in the spotlight.

Slap in the face: 12 sets of intelligent in the spotlight.

One light: 8 LED zoom, shake head dyeing lamp, 8 sets of three primary color cold light.

Two top lights: 9 sets of LED dyeing lamps (3W54), 8 sets of three primary cold light lamps.

Three top light: 8 LED zoom, shake head dyeing lamp, 8 sets of three primary color cold light.

A backlight: 8 computer three in one head lights, 14 LED light staining (3W54 star).

Two light: 17 sets of LED dyeing light (3W54 star).

Three light: 8 computer three in one head lights, 14 LED light staining (3W54 a).

Day lights: 12 sets of LED day lights.

Floor drain: 12 LED platoon lights.

Lighting control: dimming Taiwan arranged on the lamp control room is the controlling core of the stage lighting system, meet the requirements of various comprehensive performances and conferences, which is in line with the international advanced technology, but also for Chinese conditions and the gaffer"s operating habits.



ABOUT stage sound reinforcement

Stage art can be summed up as the visual image and the auditory image (or space art and time art), from the audience"s point of view, is often said to "see" and "listen" two aspects. Theater design should first meet the audience can see well, listen to good, these basic functional requirements. The audio system serves the auditory image, and in terms of the final sound effect, the reproduction of sound reproduction is high, realistic, natural, and good in sound and image positioning (or the consistency of sound images).

1) the function of stage sound reinforcement system

In accordance with the function of comprehensive theatrical performances and taking into account the functions of the conference, the functions of the sound reinforcement system are as follows:

Meeting the requirements of speech reinforcement at meetings;

Meet the requirements of the usual program sources such as marching songs, national anthem and so on;

To meet the requirements of comprehensive theatrical performances, the main sound reinforcement function of the auditorium, the stage area return sound reinforcement function, the control room monitoring function, and the system interface function.

2) stage sound reinforcement system configuration

Sound reinforcement system using Hkaudio products, the main PA located above the proscenium theater, 4 L5 115FA as the main active speakers left right expansion, so that the audience to cedar uniform field; 2 L Sub 2000A active subwoofer bass and strengthen the dynamic effect; 4 PR:0 8A as Taiwan lip fill 4 non speakers; fixed L5 112XA as back stage to listen to the speaker. We use acoustic analysis software to accurately calculate and debug the spatial sound field, so as to avoid uneven coverage and inconsistent tone.

After careful debugging, showing a good sound system that can make the language effect: the definition of sound pressure level, the audience is good enough, and can meet the need of theatrical performances, the sense of space, vibrant. The utility model has the advantages of uniform sound field, strong sense of spatial direction, consistent hearing and sight, direct sound intensity, good clarity and high intelligibility of the language.



ABOUT stage video display

As an extension and supplement of the stage performance, the video display system enriches the content of the show and provides the audience with information other than the performance itself. Video display is associated with the theme of the show through the screen, the audience a feeling of arousal and inspiration, let the audience feel something more in behind the scenes, directly affect the psychological changes of the audience, so the audience"s mood.

1) the function of stage video display system after completion

Be able to meet the demo function in the meeting;

Can satisfy the multi angle display meeting, the performance picture

Enrich the content of the show, create associations and enliven the atmosphere

2) stage video display system configuration

We used a EPSON projector with high brightness projectors CB-Z11000, high quality 11000 lumens, capable of projecting the big picture, EPSON original crystal HD technology, film filter technology, super resolution technology, with high reliability, using inorganic EPSON LCD panel, EPSON original Perle paste active liquid cooling technology, double lamp configuration, easy to install. The projection screen using the PVC cable under the projection screen, 300 inches of PVC material. In addition, we have also provided the projector electric lifting platform for the students" theatre. The aluminum alloy double rod is not easy to shake. It is both beautiful and convenient to use.



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