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PLC electric boom control system

"EPC-ZK03 digital electric boom control system" is a professional electric boom control system. Through the use of a number of theaters test, that the system can meet the equipment.

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"EPC-ZK03 digital electric boom control system" is a professional electric boom control system. Through the use of a number of theaters test, that the system can meet the equipment, rehearsal, performance and other processes required by the perfect operating functions (scene memory, scene sequence, the system prompts).

EPC-ZK03 digital electric boom control system using the bus structure, the control unit using the German SIEMENS PLC system, the use of touch screen control, the Chinese man-machine interface display, with running instructions, alarm and manual intervention; manual, linkage and continuous positioning, Pre-programmed scene function; with the operation data to set and monitor the function, emergency situations can be disconnected through the console mains. With a simple management and maintenance, long-term stability and trouble-free features.

1、Technical characteristics:

"EPC-ZK03 digital electric boom control system" using the bus structure, the control unit using the German SIEMENS PLC system;

Operating unit using the touch screen as the basis, and with a button control; touch screen with Chinese interface; touch screen and key control two control methods can be parallel operation;

There are operational instructions, fault alarm and manual intervention function;

Manual, linkage and continuous positioning, pre-programmed scene function (up to 100 games);

With the operation of the data set and monitoring functions;

In case of emergency can be through the console on the emergency stop switch off the main power supply;

With a simple management and maintenance, long-term stability and trouble-free features;

Can be in the control room and the stage were set up the main console, to achieve two or more control;

With the speed control function, the operating speed of the boom can be set by touch screen, can also be set by the speed control knob on the console, the two control modes can be operated in parallel, and the frequency of the inverter can be programmed into the pre-programmed scene;

2、The composition of the system:

The system consists of the detection device, the control unit, the operating unit, the execution unit and the communication network.

Detection device: The detection device is constituted by a code wheel and a motion detection device.

Control unit: The core of the control unit is SIEMENS PLC 200, the system has a very fast program scanning speed, each control unit can control and detect multiple motors.

Operation unit: The console is the management center of the control and operating system. The console has the function of controlling and operating all the boom in the theater. It has the function of preselection, movement parameter setting, equipment grouping, scene operation and scene sequence operation.

The console is equipped with an operation controller, a control button and a control switch, an indicator, an emergency stop button, and the like. Operate the controller using the touch screen.

Execution unit:

The unit includes: power supply, electrical cabinet, contactor, inverter, limit switches and sensors, wires, cables and other electrical equipment.

Communication network: The system is a typical field bus based on the distributed control system, the use of field bus connection detection devices, control units, operating units and other equipment.

3、System function, structure block diagram

Operating system block diagram:


Control unit structure block diagram:


4、Control function description

The control system can be completed on a single electric boom of the rise, fall, positioning, speed control, as well as a number of electric boom control. The control system can achieve performance screening (up to 100 games) and other functions. Positioning accuracy of not more than ± 3mm.

(1) can achieve any repertoire group, location settings, run speed settings and other operational functions, the group of equipment can be at the same time in different directions, different speed operation, you can have different target location. Group settings are stored at any time.

(2) to achieve centralized control of the electric boom.

The operator can control any combination of electric boom at the same time, and the combination of the electric boom device can have different running directions.

(3) to achieve a separate control of the electric boom

The operator controls the jogging and control of the selected electric boom device by speed and position values.

(4) If equipped with a mobile console, you can move the console in the stage, flyover and other different locations to control the electric boom.

(5) to achieve the state of the electric boom display.

The system uses the screen window, graphics, forms, etc. to display the pre-selection device, running parameter settings, equipment grouping, scene memory, scene sequence, and in a clear way to distinguish between different devices of different states (selected, running, With fault alarm prompt function.

Boom control system positioning schematic diagram:



Hard limit (limit switch)

Soft upper limit

Boom full movement

Soft lower limit

Hard limit (limit switch)

When the boom system is running normally, it will run only between the upper and lower soft limit. The control system can locate the position between the upper and lower soft limit points, and the positioning accuracy should not exceed ± 3mm.

When the boom using the speed control function can be adjusted within a certain speed range, and can set the running speed into the performance of the choreography.

The boom control system uses the motion encoder to position the boom. In order to ensure the precise positioning of the system, the inertia compensation control algorithm is used to calculate the brake ahead, so that the positioning of the boom The For the speed control system, because the drive device uses the asynchronous motor, and the use of the speed control system, so in order to ensure the positioning accuracy of the boom, the control system uses a fuzzy control system, the control system and the slow delay control system With the use, in order to achieve the highest positioning accuracy. At the same time the control system can also achieve high-precision synchronous control.

5、Software function description

Control software: control software using German control software, the control system is very intuitive, logical, do not need a lot of instructions, the operator can intuitive operation, can be learned in the actual operation soon.

Monitoring software: monitoring software all use the Chinese menu and tips, provides a digital boom boom display, light pole, King pole and other different devices using different display symbols, boom movement state using the animation display.

6、Control System

The control system is a typical decentralized control system. Each PLC control and monitoring a few boom machine, so as to maximize the reliability of the system, and because the use of field bus connection, you can monitor the system and control systems were installed, the maximum distance between the two can be achieved 1200 meters. Provides maximum installation flexibility for system installation.

7、Reliability and safety assurance measures

PLC in the field of automatic control for many years, its high reliability and very low failure rate is recognized in the industry. The safety and reliability of the implementing agencies are ensured by mechanical and electronic aspects. Control is the use of a small decentralized control system, each controller only control a few boom, if the failure, will only affect a few boom, and these two boom can be manually over the control of the electrical part. When the network system fails, the controller automatically places all the controlled devices in a safe location, and the system does not have uncontrollable movement.

There are limit protection measures in the main control circuit to prevent accidents from occurring. The above mentioned system can achieve a high reliability and security.




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